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Eiffel Tower

Educational Institution: Cherkasy State Technological University
Industry: Construction
Project Description

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is the most famous monument of the city and all France. Today, the Eiffel Tower in Paris is a 300-meter building (with antennas - 324-meters), weighing more than 10 tons. For over 40 years it was the highest building in the world, almost 2 times higher than the tallest buildings of the time: the pyramid of Cheops in Egypt (146.6 meters), Cologne (156 meters) and Ulm (161 meters) Cathedrals in Germany, yet in 1930 surpassed by New York, Chrysler Building (320 meters).

The author recreated this unique Parisian building in 3D.

The total number of parts in the assembly of the tower - more than 2,000, and the number of bodies in the scene - more than 150,000.

Description of the features of the project:
1. When working on the project the first original technical drawings of tower were used. Since they were done in French translation was necessary.
2. The complicated task of combining parts into correct column inclined at two different angles was solved.
3. In order to obtain images from the tower 3D-model we had to hide some individual fragments.
4. Model of the tower was made with respect to the original as closely as possible to 1:1 scale.
5. In order to understand how parts must be set and arranged we have revised many photos and videos on the Internet.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower

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